Building Human Infrastructure for Positive Behavior and Increase Performance

"Dr. Tommy Shavers made a tremendous impact on our entire coaching staff, in particular, how he addressed the culture of our organization, as well as our objectives. It was evident that he took the time to study our business and people, with his powerful commitment to make a difference in the lives of our coaches and players. In terms of meeting our expectations, I can say he absolutely surpassed them and I look forward to utilizing Tommy's talents again in the near future."
- Hue Jackson, Former Head Coach Cleveland Browns

About Shavers Consulting

At Shavers Consulting our work is grounded in the evidence-based understanding that at the core of human behavior, we seek to avoid risks and pursue rewards. With the premise of minimizing risk and maximizing reward; Shavers Consulting is focused primarily on these two core behaviors –behavior management (risks) and behavior performance (rewards).

Our Consulting Theory

Current societal and organizational trends are moving quickly toward artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, and deep learning models to meet the ever growing demands of production for scale and monetization. Unlike the current trend, Shavers Consulting is moving toward human internal intelligence (HI) which entails a whole world of unlimited production (the human mind & behavior) that has no scalable or monetizing limitations.

In pursuit of advanced technologies and other external discoveries, I strongly believe we are prematurely abandoning the unreached and undervalued potential of the human mind and its powerful influence on our actions, ideas, and ways of life (both positive and negative). Most of our challenges in today’s professional world are not because of a lack of focus on the profession, but a lack of quality focus on the people and their human lives, which makes the profession a reality.

Behavioral AMP Consulting

Our work in behavioral Assessment, Management and Performance (Behavioral AMP Consulting) is solely geared for the people side of work. We believe that if you do a great job in taking care of people, they will not only achieve desired outcomes of success; they will amplify them. That is our goal – to amplify your success. Our areas of AMPlified Consulting:

  • High-Profile/ High-Status Power Individuals and Industries
  • Organizations
  • Leaders
  • Educational Institutions
  • Sports Culture & Athlete Behavior

"Success. AMPlified"


MAPS Behavior Performance Indicator (BPI) : We assess the potential behavioral risk of candidates who are being considered for high-profile/high-status power positions.

BPI Context Match : We evaluate your candidate’s previous behavior performance history using our BPI method to see if there is contextual congruence with current or anticipated organizational dynamics.

Organizational Culture & Behavior : When it comes to behavior risk management, organizational ignorance is never a rational or accepted defense for organizational innocence. Unaccepted, at-risk, and even criminal behavior from individuals within organizations, are signs of a Vulnerable Power Organization or a Vulnerable Power Organizational Culture. Our assessment evaluates the operational, status, and behavioral power within your organization to provide cognitive based solutions to address critical behavior issues such as sexual assault & harassment, poor employee behavior, abusive leadership practices, and a lack of institutional control or organizational oversight.


The P-Factor™ : Power changes people in ways most are unaware of, putting them and those around them at significant behavioral risk. Our P-Factor™ training helps individuals and organizations understand the cognitive influence that status and power has on the behavior of the power holders and their surrounding social and professional culture.

The Sex Narrative™ : Research shows that increased power has an influence on the sexual behavior of the power holder. Our highly sought after sexual assault and behavior training helps participants understand the significant role an imbalanced power environment can play in unwanted, at-risk, and criminal sexual behaviors such as rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.

Domestic & Interpersonal Violence : Our training approaches domestic and interpersonal violence from a power and behavior perspective, helping power holders understand the influence that their status and power can play on their at-risk and potentially criminal behaviors. We provide a cognitive behavior based approach to the prevention of domestic and interpersonal violence from individuals with high levels of status and power.


Activate™ : We help our clients create a cognitive culture for effective coaching, personal development, and increased performance. Our HI-R Cognitive Performance Model™ provides a practical approach to establishing an environment that activates brain plasticity for enhanced learning and increased behavioral performance outcomes.

The Portrait Process™ : We take our clients through a progressive and emerging model that helps them to establish sound leadership structures, organizational cultures, and group identity concepts that fit within their unique context. During this training we explore the art and science of leadership, group, and culture development.

Huddle UP™ : Focuses on enhancing the fundamental concepts associated with teamwork and team development. We take our business clients through the team development truths that emerge from the sports huddle. Teamwork starts in the huddle.

Big Box Speaking™ : We conduct high-profile (Big)/high-platform (Box) speaking training & development for clients who are looking to master high profile public speaking for presentations, radio, TV, and media interviews. This training goes beyond the basics of public speaking and helps clients understand the cognitive leverage necessary to influence high-status/high-profile audiences. This training is also for high profile individuals looking to establish a celebrity or high profile speaking career.

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