Dr. Tommy Shavers is a thought provoking and dynamic speaker. He has a passion for helping individuals and organizations become built on sound principles, while being driven by a clear purpose. He has the unique ability to entertain, challenge, educate, and motivate his audience with a participatory style that keeps them engaged.

He offers strategies to motivate you to action and improve your performance, your leadership, and your ability to think in new and creative ways. His presentations are high-energy, high-impact, and content-driven. He has an exceptional gift to speak to an audience and communicate to the heart, as if he is speaking to each one individually. His ability to develop effective and relevant presentations specifically for your attendees will result in long-term impact.



Today, more than ever we are witnessing the downfall of those in positions of high status & power. From celebrities, athletes, politicians, organizational and ministry leaders; individuals are continuing to fall, with regrettable ramifications in the lives of so many. Power can and often does change people. The influence of power is a critical component of success in every organization, or group. While most focus on how leaders can use their power to influence the performance of their followers; this timely presentation addresses the real issues of how power can affect the behavior of those in power, ultimately contributing to at-risk behavioral episodes. A Power Surge can occur when the social power a person has, collides with their willpower (self-control), resulting in behavioral outages influenced by their power, which are undesirable, regrettable, and often irreparable. This training will help in preventing lives from experiencing what seems to be an inevitable fate for so many.

  • Gain a valuable understanding of what power can do to the behavior of those who posses it.
  • Know how to balance your power and harness it for maximum influence.
  • Learn ways to manage social power and the social power of those within your organization.
  • Discover keys to truly empowering others.

Sex Narrative™

Sexual misconduct in the form of sexual assault, rape, or sexually inappropriate behavior can be difficult to determine fault after the fact. The truth of the matter is engaging in sexual behavior that is not mutually consented to after the fact; is seriously damaging for both parties. Most individuals are unaware of how and why two individuals can often see the same sexual encounter differently. Dr. Shavers' researched based presentation provides a unique perspective for audiences to understand the influence an imbalanced power environment can have on individuals’ sexual perceptions and behaviors. Most sexual assaults occur within the context of an imbalanced power environment. This interactive talk will help audiences make better rational and preventative choices when it comes to sexual behavior and activity.

  • To educate on the influence an imbalanced power environment has on sexual activity.
  • To provide clear understanding of sexual consent vs. sexual coercion.
  • To create the narrative of how two opposing perspectives can emerge from the same sexual activity.
  • To provide clarity and practical solutions to preventing/avoiding non consensual sexual activity.


We all have been told about the power of the human mind. But what if you had the practical knowledge of how to tap into that power by turning on the human potential in others? What if you could create an addiction to learning in others? What if you could speed up the learning curve, while also increasing the learning rigor? What if you had the practical tools to increase performance outcomes in others as early as the early stages of child development? During this though provoking and engaging presentation, Dr. Tommy Shavers explains how to intentionally influence the brain in practical way to increase positive human behavior and performance outcomes.

During this presentation Dr. Shavers shares his Hi-R Cognitive Performance Model™ with the audience to help them understand how to create a culture of activation. This presentation is perfect for organizational leaders, educators, managers, coaches, parents, mentors, and anyone seeking to help others exceed their potential by increasing their behavioral performance outcomes.

  • Understand the Plastic Nature of the Brain
  • Learn How Power and Culture Influences Behavior
  • Recognize Deactivating & Activating Influences and Behavior
  • Learn the Activation Process for Human Potential
  • Gain Knowledge of How to Apply Activation Principles in Everyday Life

Power Talks™

It is a scientific reality that the tongue has the POWER to give life and to take it away. However, this communicative or verbal power is rarely understood, and therefore often undervalued by most, misused by many and even abused by some. Unlike power naps, and power walks; POWER TALKS have the unique ability to change someone other than you. During this POWER TALK, audiences will learn the art and science behind what we have term Change Communication™.

Communicating for change is a form of communication that uses cognitive based solutions to speak to the minds and hearts of others to elicit power and position change outcomes. The truth is whatever captures the heart, changes the mind.

We help our audience learn the art of speaking to the heart in order to leveraging the science of changing the mind. This one of a kind presentation will provide you with powerful, yet practical communication tools the help you influence human change life never before. Time to POWER UP!

  • Know of the significance of Leader Level Thinking.
  • Gain an understanding on systems vs. vacuum thinking.
  • Understand how to think and learn at a leader’s level.

Huddle Up™

Participants will learn how to strengthen a collective unit by breaking down the most basic concepts of team development in the game of football; the huddle! In the ultimate team sport the huddle serves as the vehicle, the process, the framework for taking individuals, bringing them together, and giving them the resources and confidence necessary for effectively achieve their goals.

  • Accurately define the team concept.
  • Indentify three keys in strengthening existing or newly established teams.
  • Take practical tips for implementation back to their respective teams or working environment.

Leader Think™

This interactive and practical leadership workshop will focus on helping attendees develop three critical areas of their leadership. The session will help challenge attendees to think like a leader. All attendees are encouraged to read my recently release book on leadership entitled: The Next CEO: A Leadership Parable. This book will prepare attendees for the rich information they will receive at this session. If time permits we will dialogue on some of the leadership lessons from The Next CEO. This time will have a tremendous impact on leaders

  • Know of the significance of Leader Level Thinking.
  • Gain an understanding on systems vs. vacuum thinking.
  • Understand how to think and learn at a leader's level.

Mind Over What Matters™

Everyone seems to be talking about change, yet most fail in their attempts to successfully obtain the change they desire. The irony is that most people are trying to modify behavior, without modifying that which modifies behavior; the mind. This engaging and eye-opening presentation will bring clarity to how real, sustainable change happens. The insights gained from Dr. Shavers' presentation will equip participants with the tools to leverage change in the areas that matters most. Are you ready for a mind change?

  • Learn the world's best kept secret on change.
  • Recognize the difference between a mindset and a mind change.
  • Discover the role the mind plays on our thoughts and actions.
  • Understand the simplicity and difficulty of Change.
  • Learn how to have a mind change in the areas that matter most.

"Athletes have always been a lightning rod for issues in our society. Dr. Tommy Shavers does a great job of relating to them presenting a clear direction to aid them in dealing with current issues as well as staying cohesive in a team environment. I'd highly recommend Tommy to organizations looking to address complex issues."
- Marvin Lewis, Former Head Coach, Cincinnati Bengals

"Tommy, you have a gift for helping people re-organize their thoughts, making their thoughts more clear, and their objectives more doable."
- Todd 'Speech' Thomas, 2-time Grammy Award Winning Artist; Arrested Develpoment

"We need researched based, real life programs like this one. I am going to convince our development staff to schedule Dr. Shavers as part of their educational programming"
- Keith Carodine Ph.D, Former Senior Associate Athletic Director, University of Florida

"Dr. Shavers' presentation style, material, and relevance of information was something our players needed to hear. It opens your eyes to a level of understanding at times not thoroughly addressed and in doing so provides tools to succeed. Our players raved about this session following its conclusion."
- Ron Brewer, Director of Player Engagement, Cleveland Browns

"The P-Factor method is the next evolution in helping athletes properly adjust to their growing dynamic changes in power, money, and fame. The affects are life changing"
- Marcellus Wiley, Former NFL All-Pro & Co-hosts FS1's SPEAK FOR YOURSELF alongside Jason Whitlock

"The P-Factor program prepares players to develop the conduct necessary to be successful at the next level"
- Ran Carthon, Director/Pro Personnel, San Francisco 49ers

"The P-Factor solution is both powerful and transformative."
- Wilfred Ngwa Ph.D, Professor, Harvard Medical School

"His message is dynamic and he is an inspirational person."
- Ryan Vescio, State Attorney Office, State of Florida

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